An Attorney Dedicated to Helping You With Probate Cases

At Dwyer Law

Our probate law attorney provides comprehensive probate services that are individually designed to meet your specific goals, needs, and budget.

Going through the probate process can be a trying and emotional time for anybody, having somebody there to guide you through the process is essential. Our probate lawyers have experience guiding people through this emotional time. We can advise you whether there is a need to go through the probate process at all.

We can also advise as to whether it would be more prudent to conduct a voluntary, informal, or formal administrative process. Our lawyers can assist with acquiring court appointment of an Administrator or Personal Representative depending on whether the individual passed away testate or intestate.


If your loved one died

Without a will, our lawyers can assist you with the proper procedures to probating your loved one’s estate. We have experience in having an Administrator appointed to ensure that your loved one’s assets are properly administrated.

This includes preparing the necessary inventories, accountings of assets to the court, paying and negotiating with creditors, filing estate and fiduciary tax returns, distributing inheritance to family, friends and other heirs, and closing the estate. Attorney Dwyer can either serve as your loved one’s administrator, or after having you appointed as the administrator, guiding you through the process.

At Dwyer Law

I have vast experience in probating wills. Your loved one’s will must go through probate in order for the validity of it to be confirmed. Just because your loved one’s will instructs how they wish for their assets to be distributed, does not mean that the assets may be distributed right away.

We can assist you with having the validity of the will confirmed and have you appointed as Personal Representative. Once appointed, the Personal Representative must follow the terms of the will to manage and/or transfer the legal title of the assets to the named beneficiaries. We can assist you in probating the will, and representing you as Personal Representative, heir, and as an interested party.

Dwyer Law will work with you to provide the necessary legal services to reach your specific goals and objectives. He will provide careful attention to each case to develop innovative and cost effective legal solutions.