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The Dwyer Law

And Attorney Dwyer's approach is straightforward, simple, and, most importantly, client-focused. He starts each transaction by carefully listening to the client in order to understand his or her business objectives.

He will then balance the risk/reward aspects of various legal strategies, and advise the client accordingly. That advice is based not only on his substantive knowledge of applicable areas of law such as traditional real estate law, zoning, land use, financing, and leasing, but also related areas such as corporate law, banking law and the uniform commercial code.


Within the real estate law practice

However, there are very specific laws and regulations such as the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), which govern real estate transactions and lenders who make loans for real estate purchases and loan refinancing.

In the wake of the housing bubble, the mortgage crisis, and unstable housing market, real estate investors and homeowners in Massachusetts must be more diligent than ever when it comes to securing financing to fund their property purchase, mortgage loan refinance, and/or renovation project.

The experienced

Boston Real estate lawyers at Dwyer Law are trusted by clients to identify potential legal issues before they arise and to deliver industry-leading legal representation in all areas of our real estate law practice, which includes:

The laws governing condominiums are complicated and multifaceted. First, all condominiums in Massachusetts are controlled by the terms of a document known as the “master deed” and Chapter 183A of the Massachusetts General Laws. Second, usually the entity that created the condominium is a trust and so, a document entitled “declaration of trust” also controls the inner workings the condominium.

This high level of regulation oftentimes leads to violations and disputes among unit owners and the condominium association trustees. The condominium law attorneys at Calabrese Law Associates represent clients in a broad scope of condominium related matters, including disputes among condominium unit owners, disputes involving condominium unit owners and the condominium association broad of trustees, actions for an accounting of the condominium common expense monies, and converting a property into a condominium.

At Dwyer Law, our lawyers strive to resolve landlord-tenant disputes quickly to avoid costly litigation. However, when a reasonable resolution cannot be reached short of litigation, the firm’s landlord-tenant lawyers have a history to providing landlords and tenants with effective trial court representation that they can reply on for all their landlord-tenant disputes.

Whether the rented property is a clients’ residence, a commercial space or a source of rental income, it’s a location that is a vital component of our clients’ life and to their business’ operation. Clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts trust Attorney Dwyer, the landlord-tenant lawyers at Dwyer Law to provide them with industry-leading legal representation.



Attorney Dwyer will simplify the long and often arduous process by helping you to avoid problems that arise during the home sales process. We can help you resolve issues such as:

  • A realtor using a standardized form to set the terms for the sale, only to find there are special circumstances that necessitate an individualized purchase and sale agreement prepared by our office. In Massachusetts, a realtor cannot write these addendums.
  • A seller becomes liable for payment of a brokerage commission, even if a purchase falls through.
  • Asbestos or termites are found on the property, but the buyer still wants to go through with the sale.
  • A sale is blocked or otherwise wrongfully terminated, and the buyer wants to recover their down payment, or force a sale of the property to them.
  • An addition to the existing property has been made in the past without the required building permits and zoning approval.

Being Caught Off Guard

By a legal problem can quickly derail your real estate purchase. By working with the experienced real estate lawyer at Dwyer Law early in the process, however, you ensure there will not be any unwanted surprises, and your purchase agreement will be drafted to your specifications. You will feel more secure with the deal and confident that your rights are being protected when you know our firm has reviewed and/or prepared your real estate transaction paperwork.

When you need legal representation and/or advice on residential real estate transactions, contact DWYER LAW. I can help save you time, money, and help ensure that your real estate transaction closes on your terms — whether you’re buying or selling.